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Best Household Supplies products

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''Leonardo' Versatwin Tissue Dispenser

A high capacity yet minimal wastage design; twin toilet tissue dispensers are ideal for areas with l..

Ex Tax: £40.12

'Adamatic' Destainer - Tannin Removal Powder - 10kg

A soluble free flowing chlorinated powder developed for the quick and safe removal of tannin stains ..

Ex Tax: £54.09

'Adette' Super Concentrate Washing Up Liquid - 5L

Used for washing up pans, utensils and other catering equipment that will not fit into the dishwashe..

Ex Tax: £34.78

'Adette' Washing Up Liquid - 500ml

Manual washing of all crockery, cutlery, kitchen utensils, and removable oven parts. The small pack ..

Ex Tax: £21.68

'Arpal' Descaler - Machine & Vessel Descaler - 5L

A powerful phosphoric acid descaler with corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents designed to safely ..

Ex Tax: £26.75

'Arpal' Gold Aqualine - Blue Coloured Beerline Cleaner - 5L

A powerful and highly effective liquid beer and juice line cleaner. Blue in colour and non-chlorinat..

Ex Tax: £38.96

'Arpax' A1 Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner - 2L

A highly effective glass and stainless steel cleaner for use all glass and stainless steel fixtures ..

Ex Tax: £92.46

'Arpax' A10 Daily Toilet Cleaner & Descaler - 2L

A daily use toilet and urinal cleaner/descaler which dilutes to produce a viscous liquid which cling..

Ex Tax: £60.04

'Arpax' A11 Multi Purpose Cleaner Lemon - 2L

A powerful multi-purpose cleaner that quickly penetrates and removes general grime safely from all w..

Ex Tax: £60.04

'Arpax' A2 Air Freshener & Odour Control - 2L

An extremely effective air odour neutraliser, which combines a long lasting floral perfume with a un..

Ex Tax: £91.63

'Arpax' A4 Multi Purpose Cleaner & Sanitiser - 2L

A pleasantly perfumed and extremely powerful bactericidal hard surface cleaner that quickly penetrat..

Ex Tax: £91.63

'Bactosol' Beerline Cleaner - 5L

This Bactosol cleaner is a chlorinated detergent suitable for use in all beerlines and all water typ..

Ex Tax: £22.59

'Bactosol' Cabinet Glasswash Detergent - 5L

Easily removes difficult soiling whilst protecting glasses and ensuring sparkling results. It ensure..

Ex Tax: £22.59

'Bactosol' Cabinet Glasswash Rinse Aid - 5L

Bactosol Cabinet Glasswash Rinse Aid contains a unique blend of rinsing agents, which ensures no res..

Ex Tax: £27.51

'Bactosol' Glass Renovator Liquid - 5L

After a long use, some glasses can acquire a brownish tinge and give a poor result from the glass wa..

Ex Tax: £37.84